D11 - Lowest momentum transfer & lowest background small-angle neutron scattering instrument

D11 is the archetype of a long, pinhole geometry instrument for small angle neutron scattering (SANS), designed for the study of large scale structures in soft matter systems, chemistry, biology, solid state physics and materials science. This instrument was upgraded as a part of the ILL’s Millennium Programme.


  • Polymers and colloids
  • Polymer blends, solutions ; Micelles ; Dendrimers ; Liquid crystals ; Gels ; Reaction kinetics of mixed systems
  • Materials science
  • Phase separation in alloys and glasses ; Morphologies of superalloys ; Microporosity in ceramics ; Interfaces and surfaces of catalysts
  • Biological macromolecules
  • Size and shape of proteins, nucleic acids ; Biomembranes ; Drug vectors
  • Magnetism
  • Flux line lattices in superconductors ; Magnetic correlations

Instrument layout