Thermal neutron diffractometer for single-crystal

          *** Instrument now decommisionned ***

The thermal neutron normal-beam diffractometer D15 was used for a wide range of physical problems including the determination of magnetic phase diagrams, of pressure-temperature phase diagrams or a combination of all these. It was also often used for determination of magnetic and nuclear structures in preparation for spin density studies with polarised neutrons.


  • Determination of crystallographic and magnetic structures
  • Studies of phase transitions
  • Determination of magnetic field temperature phase diagrams, which are the compulsory starting points of any investigation of the magnetic properties of solids.

A general view of the instrument

The instrument is shown here in its 4-circle setup, i.e. its was equipped with an eulerian cradle for accurate structure determination. This was capable of accomodating a cryocooler for diffraction measurements at low temperatures.