D3 - The Spin Polarised Hot Neutron Beam Facility

It is a very versatile diffractometer for magnetic structure analysis. It offers several set-ups:
A high field set-up for 1D polarimetry up to 10 Tesla ; a zero-field set-up for spherical neutron polarimetry with CRYOPAD ; a non-polarized set-up for experiments requiring both short wavelengths and high magnetic fields. Recently a "liquids setup has been added, to use the polarised neutrons to measure separately (and subtract) the spin-incoherent background.


High field configuration

  • Magnetic form factors (reflecting the state of the magnetic ions); Magnetisation distributions

Zero-field configuration

  • Non-collinear magnetic structures ; Antiferromagnetic form factors ; Spherical polarimetry

Liquids configuration

  • Separation of coherent and spin-incoherent scattering in hydrogenous liquids

Non-polarized beam with high magnetic field

Instrument layout

The high-field option implement a 10 Tesla cryomagnet.

The low-field option implement a third-generation CRYOPAD (CRYOgenic Polarisation Analysis Device) for precision measurement of neutron spin rotations occurring in the scattering process.