installation date Dec. 1987
21 cm
housing tube23 cm, horizontal
moderator6 litres of boiling liquid deuterium (25 K)
flux enhancementabove 3 Å (8.0 x 1014 /cm2/sec)
guides fedH5 (H511, H512, H53)

The Horizontal Cold Source (HCS) has the shape of an orthocylinder of 21cm diameter filled with liquid deuterium. It is housed in a 23cm diameter horizontal tube. It enhances the neutron flux at wavelengths above 3 Å (8.0x1014 n/cm2/sec). It is a source of neutrons for the following guides: H511, H512, and H53.
A replacement source was installed in December 1987. This cold source feeds two main neutron guides:

One guide (H53 - instrument IN14 in the reactor hall, instruments IN16, D16 and CryoEDM in the second guide hall) has a large width of 6 cm giving an enhanced flexibility for horizontal focussing.
The other guide (H51) is divided into two parts: the upper part of 4x5.5 cm2 is used as H512 for D22. The lower part is separated by a beam splitter, which consists of a 2 m long assembly of TiNi supermirrors deposited on a Si-substrate into two guides. H512 (4x5.5 cm2) is the transmitted beam, and H511 is the reflected beam, which is fed into a polarising guide (4x5.5 cm2 - instrument project IN15).