The Nuclear and Particle Physics Group (NPP) instruments are excellent and unique tools to investigate key questions in nuclear and neutron particle physics.

The many measurement techniques used include:

  •  recoil spectrometry (fission fragment spectrometry)
  • gamma spectrometry
  • neutron bottles and magnetic traps
  • neutron interferometry
  • gravitational neutron spectrometry
  • etc.

NPP instruments

  • CryoEDM (CRG): neutron trap for the measurement of the Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) of the neutron.
  • GRANIT: gravitational neutron spectrometer (quantum states of the neutron, etc.).
  • LOHENGRIN: fission fragment spectrometer (studies of fission and spectroscopy of very neutron-rich nuclei, etc.).
  • PF1B: polarised cold neutron beam facility dedicated to particle and nuclear physics experiments.
  • PF2: source of ultra-cold neutrons (UCN) and very cold neutrons (VCN).
  • PN3-GAMS: gamma ray spectrometer (understanding of the structure of nuclei, determination of standards and fundamental constants, etc.).
  • S18 (CRG): neutron interferometer (neutron quantum optics studies and related phenomena, etc.).