Strain analyser for engineering applications

SALSA is the ILL stress imager dedicated to the determination of residual stresses in a broad range of applications in terms of components and materials. It is designed for diffraction measurements in "real" engineering components and optimised for stress determination in metallic components.



  • Materials properties and behaviour; Nuclear industry; Automotive components; Aeronautical parts; Terrestrial transport applications; Civil engineering; Nanotechnology; Metal and ceramic coatings; Surface Processing; Marine transport; Construction materials; Fatigue analysis


  • Metal Matrix Composites; Nickel base superalloys; Steels; Ceramics; Aluminium and Magnesium alloys; Titanium technology; Novel materials; Shape memory alloys

General view of the intrument

The instrument is shown with a turbine Ti blade mounted on the hexapod. The Delta Table and the slits are clearly visible. The beam flies from right to left into the two dimensional detector (covered by black boron carbide rubber).