Strain analyser for engineering applications

SALSA is the ILL stress imager dedicated to the determination of residual stresses in a broad range of applications in terms of components and materials. It is designed for diffraction measurements in "real" engineering components and optimised for stress determination in metallic components.



  • Materials properties and behaviour; Nuclear industry; Automotive components; Aeronautical parts; Terrestrial transport applications; Civil engineering; Nanotechnology; Metal and ceramic coatings; Surface Processing; Marine transport; Construction materials; Fatigue analysis


  • Metal Matrix Composites; Nickel base superalloys; Steels; Ceramics; Aluminium and Magnesium alloys; Titanium technology; Novel materials; Shape memory alloys

The Hexapod, i.e. the sample manipulator.

It consists of a 6 legs hydraulic system, like those for flight simulators.
It can move the sample up and down, translate it and rotate it in any direction.