Characteristics (SuperADAM)

Guide hall n°2, cold guide H521
horizontal scattering geometry
0 Å-1 < Q < 2.5Å-1
type HOPG (002)GIC
wavelength λ5.183 Å
resolution δλ/λ0.0050.035
λ/2, λ/3... filter (removable)solid state wavelength filtercooled Be
collimation slit distance (variable)2.5 - 4 m3 - 5.2m
monochromator-to-sample-distance (variable)2.8 - 5 m3.5 - 6 m
flux (non-polarized)6×105 n s-1 cm-26×10n s-1 cm-2
flux (polarized)3.2×10n s-1 cm-2
orientationhorizontal scattering plane
Sample enviroment
magnetic fieldup to 1.1T (optional 7T cryomagnet)
temperaturefrom 2K to 400K
3He single detector
distance to sample (variable)1.1 - 6 m
background (beam closed)5 cts per minute
2 dim. position sensitive 3He detector
distance to sample (variable)1.3 - 6 m
active area30×30cm2
resolution2.8 mm (FWHM)
Polarisation and polarisation analysis
polarisersreflection supermirror  3He spin filter
efficiency 99.8%up to 99.9% (variable)
180º spin-flippers resonance coils
analyzer reflection/transmition supermirros or 3He spin filter
efficiency 99.4% (99.9% with 3He spin filter)

The reflectometer SuperADAM is an angle dispersive fixed wavelength machine which offers two operation modes:a high flux option with a focussing intercalated graphite monochromator and a high resolution mode with a focussing pyrolytic graphite monochromator. The high flux option is expected to be available in 2018. An optional polarization and polarization analysis setup can be used for studies of magnetic layered systems. A two dimensional position sensitive detector allows time efficient collection of off-specular data. With a maximum scattering angle of about 85° of the detector arm Q-values up to 2.1 Å-1 can be reached for complementary measurements probing small length scales. The flexibility of the instrument permits the variation of the detector to sample and sample to monochromator distances in order to accommodate the specific requirements for incident and outgoing resolutions.

Specialised sample environment can be provided including a cryo-furnace and an electromagnet or cryomagnet.

Being a CRG-B instrument, 30% of the beamtime are made available via the standard ILL proposal scheme.

SuperADAM is operated by the Division for Material Physics of the Uppsala University headed by Prof. Dr. Björgvin Hjörvarsson.