VIVALDI - Very Intense Vertical Axis Laue Diffractometer

          *** Instrument decommisionned in 2013 ***

VIVALDI allows large volumes of reciprocal space to be surveyed rapidly using an image-plate photographic Laue technique with a white neutron beam. The ten fold to hundred fold gain in efficiency over a conventional monochromatic diffractometer allows detailed atomic structural information to be obtained from crystals previously considered to be too small for neutron diffraction.
Complementary too the ILL diffractometers, VIVALDI provides a unique tool for development of new diffraction experiments.


  • Rapid structural studies
  • Reciprocal-space surveys; identification of twinning and incommensurability
  • Very small samples, particularly attractive for high-pressure experiments
  • Complete nuclear and magnetic structure determinations through phase transitions

A general view of the instrument

VIVALDI with the upper part lifted to give access to sample holder. Marie-Hélène is checking the detector device inside the detector drum.