Setting up the instrument

VIVALDI (Very Intense Vertical Axis Laue Diffractometer) surveys large volumes of reciprocal space rapidly using the Laue technique with a cylindrical image-plate detector on a white neutron beam. It can provide a ten- to hundred-fold gain in efficiency over a conventional monochromatic diffractometer.

The video shows setting up the instrument, and each stage of the measurement of a neutron Laue-diffraction pattern. Note that some of the sequences have been substantially speeded-up to shorten the movie.

Ref.: Wilkinson C., Cowan J.A., Myles D.A.A., Cipriani F., McIntyre G.J. (2002) VIVALDI - A Thermal-Neutron Laue Diffractometer for Physics, Chemistry and Materials Science, Neutron News 13, 37-41.